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Aug 19th, 2019 Marketing, Trends

It’s no surprise that users are more likely to engage with content when it’s presented in a fun and intriguing way. Not only does interactive content look better, but it also reduces the amount of information your audience has to process at one time.

While interactive content has been around for a while, it’s only recently begun to really gain traction among marketers. In a world that used to revolve around static copy, interactive elements can seem a bit intimidating when your first getting started.

Conquer the intimidation by trying out these 3 interactive strategies to engage your audience on social media:

Create a quiz

In terms of reach and participation, quizzes come out on top. There is just something inherently enjoyable about answering questions and receiving the result at the end.

There is a multitude of ways that you can use quizzes. You can make them as a fun activity for your audience to participate in, as a way to educate your followers about your products, or an easy way to gain more knowledge about your audience so that you can better market to them in the future. 

Facebook has a built-in quiz creator (pictured below), while Instagram has a variety of ways to incorporate quizzes with Instagram Stories. You can also use a 3rd party application to create a quiz and share it out on your social outlets. 

Take a Poll

Polls are an awesome way to jump into interactive content. With nearly all of the social outlets having pre-built polling tools, it’s pretty seamless to try one out. People love sharing their opinions, whether it is about something silly or a serious topic. And most people are also interested in seeing the results of the other people who participate. 

Not sure what to poll your followers about? Choose a topic in your industry that is heavily discussed and create a poll about it, or find a lighthearted current event to survey about. Here are some ideas for Instagram Polls.

Bonus: It’s common for poll participants to comment to expound on their decision or to share their feelings about the results, which increases your engagement even more.

Host a Live Q&A

There’s really no better way to engage in a conversation with your audience than to actually hold a live, real-time chat with them.

Hosting a live-stream Q&A session allows your audience to get to know the more human side of your brand, which helps to build trust with your customers. It also allows you to share knowledge about products and your industry, establishing your brand as an industry expert. Product launches and sit-downs with the leadership team make the for perfect content.

Ask a Question

Including a purposeful question in your post is a great way to drive engagement. On Facebook, there is a feature to Ask a Question, or Instagram has a Question Sticker you can use in Stories.

Here, we asked our Instagram followers a general question from one of our recent blog posts using the Question Sticker, then shared the answers anonymously in a post a couple of days later. You could also share answers in your Stories.

When you add interactive elements to your social media strategy, you provide a reason for your audience to engage with your content longer, which will help them see more of your future posts. 

Try out one (or all!) of these three interactive content strategies and let us know how your audience responds.

The average person spends nearly 20 hours a week on social media. How does yours rank?

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