2019 Memorable Moments

Dec 23rd, 2019 Updates

As 2019 comes to a close, KICKS turns 4. Like most 4 year-olds; we’re growing up and growing up can be exciting, but it can be hard too. We continue to pick up speed and sometimes people have trouble keeping up with our pace. We’re as curious as ever. We question things daily. We’ve learned a lot, but have a ways to go. We have loads of energy and fire off ideas a mile a minute. We’re eager. We bite off more than we can chew and yet we always figure out a way to get it done. We exhaust ourselves and still, we wake up the next day to get back at it. We’ve earned our right to be more confident and now more than ever we’re more capable of delivering excellence. We keep upping the ante and we’re constantly taking stock of where we’re great, good and where we fail. 

Self-awareness is key. It’s a beneficial quality for humans and for brands with human characteristics. KICKS is nothing if not the people behind the brand. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our clients. Our clients enable us to pursue our passions, our hair-brained ideas and see challenging objectives come to life. While there have been countless shining moments this year for all of our clients, there are a few projects that stand out in particular. 

Pavlack Law 

Pavlack Law is in a class all their own. We learned quickly that not only was their peer review incredibly strong, but their client relationships were rock solid. Their client experience is unmatched. We heard countless stories of how assured, calm and easy the Pavlack team made them feel during tense times. We adapted key brand messages to reflect their 'citizenship' archetype. We refreshed the brand logo and color palette and designed a website user-experience that speaks to specific pain points, successes and academic writing so that potential clients and fellow lawyers find Pavlack a useful resource. 

Tinker House 

Tinker House Events has a beautiful space, but the talented people on this team make it even more marketable. With ample access to professional photography and a cheeky brand archetype, we love the Tinker House social strategy. Throughout 2019, we’ve incrementally grown our relationship with their team spanning social, web, design and soon Google Adwords. Tinker House is all of the good things about Indy living in one spot (humility, artful beauty and hospitality). 


Occasionally, we get a client that’s really onto something. They have big ideas that address big problems in the world. We love getting to play a role in projects that make people, or painful processes better. EngagedMD shows up - they’re creators and problem solvers. Their software improves the chaos, uncertainty and headache of fertility education and informed consent. For EngagedMD, creating software is a response to dealing with the calamity of the process. In fertility there is an overwhelming amount of information the patient needs and the practices must deliver, and there are legal and ethical boxes that must be checked. It’s important for patients and physicians that the process is followed perfectly, consistently, every time for every patient. Each project we’ve tackled with the EngagedMD follows that same level of precision. 

CBMC Lighting Solutions 

CBMC Lighting Solutions is the unicorn of the lighting space. Amidst the chaos from many different verticals, the Lighting Solutions team is a constant simplifier. The team is required to have mass appeal, from lighting design architects to contractors, CBMC Lighting Solutions must maintain an approachable, knowledgable and professional voice. Yet, they're breaking all of the 'rules'. They don't do things the way they've always been done. They've taken the traditional model and turned it on its head. They allowed us to have some fun with their brand and we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. 

Dickinson Fleet Services 

Dickinson Fleet Services is a true force in the maintenance service space. Their team is competitive and ambitious. We’ve enjoyed being in their company: defining their ‘hero’ brand archetype and being conscious about messaging for their future. It’s rare that a company of their size and scale is so focused on the people on the ground. The organizational structure is not only impressive, but it sets them apart. It’s their defining and selling feature, every choice we made from branding to U/X reinforces that core value. We admire their tenacity and their commitment as a partner. 

To the people behind these companies, we give our most sincere thank you. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together and we cannot wait to see what 2020 has in-store. 

Our sincere thanks,  

Matt, Brooke, Josh, Haley + Katie 

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