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As people and organizations adapt over the coming weeks to a more remote-friendly way of life, it’s important to focus on the positives, the unchanged, comforting constants. While it’s true, as a digital marketing company, the bulk of our work can be done remotely, it would be an extreme oversimplification if I said that we all didn’t miss the normality and predictability of ‘the office.’ Funny how we take things for granted, isn’t it? 

People are predictable—if you know them. 

As a leader, I’m a ‘take stock’ kind of person, not to be confused with a ‘score keeping’ kind of person. I like the known factors, good or bad. I like to know what I have and how it can be accessed. It brings me comfort. it helps me plan, and in this strange time, it helps me account for all the good stuff. People, with all of their quirks and seemingly inexplicable habits and reactions; PEOPLE are full of the good stuff. 

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” - Fred Rogers 

It can take time to truly get to know people, but as teammates, there are tools that we can use as shortcuts. Tools can’t replace genuine curiosity and aren’t intended to be exclusively prescriptive, but they can give you a leg up on understanding and successfully communicating with others. 

Our favorite workplace tools: 

And, my results! Share yours with us too! 

  • DiSC 
    • Keeps you attune to working styles and behaviors. It accounts for motivations, stress, conflict responses and problem-solving. 
    • My result: i, D (influence- Person places emphasis on influencing or persuading others, openness, relationship.  Dominance- Person places emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence). 
  • StrengthsFinder
    • Narrows in on your natural gifts and how to build those top talents to useful strengths.
    • My Top 5: Achiever, Command, Relator, Individualization and Strategic. 
  • MyersBriggs 
    • Focuses on your natural state of being, tying behaviors of a personality to your psychological preferences. 
    • My type indicator: ENFP (Extraversion + Intuition + Feeling + Perceiving) Enthusiastic. Imaginative. Energetic. Creative. Warm. Future-oriented. Individualistic. Caring. Optimistic. Open. Novelty seeking. Spontaneous. Playful. 
  • Enneagram 
    • Models the human psyche as types with interconnected parts and helps individuals see themselves on a deeper, more objective level.  
    • My type: 8 The Challenger, wing 7 The Enthusiast 

The tools mentioned help to spell out the good stuff about people so that not only do you recognize it but you know how to accurately celebrate and acknowledge their unique way of moving through the world ::ahem:: at home.

Workplaces that use assessments value their people. 

Having information is one thing. Leveraging that information is another. At their core, these tools are intended to set people up for win-win scenarios. As a group, we believe that everyone (both the organization and individuals) are entitled to their unique alignment experience; meaning that every group deserves the best people in the best positions for them, and that proper alignment is a two-way street. 

What’s the advantage? Why should my team participate? 

  1. Reduces Blindspots. Not only do these assessments bring about a more centered understanding of individuals, but when you compile the results of your teams globally you’re able to zero in on the gaps. 
  2. Differentiation. You can see where you’re thriving. These are the spots where you can be confident no other team offers X, Y, or Z, and you can double down on these traits, aligning business opportunities and potential pivots accordingly. 
  3. Pattern awareness. Based on the make-up of your group, your communication pattern can fall into a few different zones (overly-communicative, secure, avoidant, or disorganized). If you’re aware of what your group will trend toward, you can be proactive about the structure of meetings or technology and communication platforms that provide the optimal result. 
  4. Common language/goal. Unique experiences, common language or a shared goal can transform and unify a group of individuals creating a sense of togetherness. Educating, uplifting and enlightening individuals about their peers can be a very unifying experience. It enables and empowers more informed communication for future use. 

And remember, people won’t fit neatly into these categorical boxes—and neither will you—but we can choose to see, share, and celebrate the good with a little help from these tools.

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