2020 Wrapped Up & KICKed Out

Dec 26th, 2020 Updates

We made it, friends. The end of 2020 is here and we came out of it alive. Scratched? Bruised? Shaken? Yes, but we’re still here and we’re ready to take on 2021 with confidence, steadfast resolute, and positivity. (After the year from hell, we need a little of that.) Looking back, even through the lows of the year, we still had many highs we’re proud of: gaining new clients, designing apps, refreshing our brand, and some enjoyable front porch work hangs. 

Projects We Loved

We love each and every one of our clients, but a few projects stuck out to us. These projects brought us and our clients’ joy, sparked new ideas, and left an impact we just couldn’t quite kick. 

Viable Insights

Viable Insights is a tight-knit team of incredibly intelligent researchers, evaluators, and data analysts who help organizations grow. They needed new branding to tell their complete story of who they are. By partnering with their team to talk through who they wanted to be, conducting immersive client interviews, competitor research, and focusing on industry trends, we were able to do away with the old and welcome the new. This project was especially memorable because we started from scratch: logo, branding, and website. The Viable team is full of great people, so that didn’t hurt either. Check out more about them here


The app hasn’t launched yet, so keep your eyes peeled for this one. Bringing branding together for an app has been a great project for our team and taught all of us something new. 

French Knot

French knot definitely made the top of our marketing charts this year. Not only have we loved working with them, but their products are SO CUTE. They came on in October, and from there we launched their first newsletter. We were amazed to find that the first newsletter send brought in over 3k in sales. Since then, we have sent nine more emails bringing in around 9k more. Definitely goes to prove email is not dead! We can't wait to further our relationship with the lovely women at French Knot and continue to create amazing content with them. Check out their beautiful products here.

Last but not least…

The Kicks Rebrand

We couldn’t leave ourselves out of this one. If you haven’t noticed, we rebranded as well. A color palette update and a brand new website upped our brand and marketing game. We shifted the way we talk about ourselves in the past couple years, and it led us to making these changes. We think this matches who we are pretty dang well. If you had to check out one page right now, we’d say head to our Madness page. You’ll understand when you see it. 

Thanks for sticking with us through the good, the bad, and the pandemic. We will see you all in 2021. Stay safe and have a great rest of your holiday season!

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