The Monthly Mullet, March 2023

Mar 1st, 2023

Super Complex Industry, Super Simple Website

You know those “do not remove under penalty of law” tags that are on pillows and beds and whatnot? Turns out the world of compliance for stuffed articles is serious business — and nobody is more serious about getting it right than Global Registration Services.

GRS is the undisputed king of compliance in their industry, but their website was undisputedly in need of some lovin’. Kicks streamlined their highly technical content into something much more digestible — and we gave it a much-needed makeover, too.

Check out our latest case study to see how Kicks put some OMG into GRS’s new website.

Please click under penalty of law

Red Flags In Marketer / Client Relationships

Just like any relationship, the relationship between marketing agency and client can be a rollercoaster. We’re no couples counselors, but we’ve put together a list of red flags for marketers and their clients to look out for at every stage of a project— and what to do about them.

5 Red Flags

Big Desk Energy

Laptop, keyboard, crippling pile of overdue tasks — there’s a lot of standard issue gear on every marketer’s desk. But the true measure of a marketer is what they keep on hand that’s outside of the ordinary. Here’s what the Kicks crew has within arm’s reach from 9–5.

Matt — My Dundie award for “Most Predictable Wardrobe.”

Josh — An old lantern slide box that’s been electrified. It used to hold photographic memories, now it holds ghosts.  

Chris — A cookie-scented candle and too much corgi paraphernalia.

Summer — My two desk buddies: Gudetama the lazy egg and a dumpster fire.

Kickin' it around Indy

KHAAAAAAAAAAN, Mar 12 — William Shatner himself beams down to Clowes Memorial Hall to share behind-the-scenes stories following a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

St. Paddy’s Day, Mar 17 — Our fearless leader Matt’s favorite holiday of the year! Catch the Kicks crew at Sam’s Silver Circle for the festivities.

Brickworld, Mar 18-19 — Walking on LEGOS: no fun. Walking through 65,000 square feet of creations from local LEGO enthusiasts: very fun.

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