The Monthly Mullet, August 2023

Aug 2nd, 2023

Deskimate is deski-great

Believe it or not, not every website needs to be a wordy behemoth that’s built to attract and capture leads. There’s still value in a lightweight site that’s more of a digital billboard, just to establish your legitimacy on the web.

Deskimate is a group of desk insurance adjusters who are more agile, more efficient and more cost-effective than the industry standard. Since all of their business comes from word of mouth, they tapped Kicks to build a lean site to proudly stake their flag in the digital sand.

A quick bit of content writing coupled with some snazzy graphics gave Deskimate a site they’re proud to call home. Check out our latest case study to see how it all came together.

See Case Study

State Fair fare, fairly stated

There’s plenty more to do at the State Fair than whisper “how the hell did they deep fry THAT?” in terror. Here are some of the Kicks crew’s favorite fair activities.

Matt — I go for the people watching, huge corn dogs and free music. Looking forward to seeing Three Dog Night! We usually just do one lap around and find interesting things to do and eat.

Josh — I have never been to the State Fair. I have lived here for… 10 years, and 3 were down the block from the back entrance. Big crowds, sweaty people, fried food, porta johns. Eh, maybe this year but I am not promising shit.

Chris — Hit up the Dairy Bar, order a grilled cheese, cottage cheese, chocolate milk, strawberry milkshake and vanilla custard, then end up throwing half of it away because dairy on a summer day in Indiana is a deal with the devil.
Summer — The State Fair is my favorite place to people-watch and explore greasy food options. I’ll always grab a funnel cake and a lemon shake-up before heading over to see the bunnies and chickens.

Kickin’ It Around Indy

Indiana State Fair, July 28 – Aug 20 — If you’ve ever wanted to barf up an elephant ear from the top of a ferris wheel, there’s no better opportunity.

NEEEEEEEEEEEERDS, Aug 3–6 — Gen Con is back, baby. Even if you’re not a turbo nerd lord like our content writer Chris, you can still head down to the convention center to catch the free cosplay parade and pig out on the city’s best food trucks on Georgia Street.

MORE NEEEEEEEEEEEERDS, Aug 25–27 — If board games aren’t your thing, the comic book guy or gal in you might want to check out PopCon, instead. You’ll find actors/voice actors from your favorite nerdy shows, along with more merch than you can shake a stick at.

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