The Monthly Mullet, October 2023

Oct 9th, 2023

Lights, Camera, SEO Action!

Indy is home to some killer videography talent, if you know where to look. To help get more eyes on their work and land more business, Mork Productions tapped Kicks to pump up their website with some SEO prowess and slick design.

See how we got the job done and got Mork Productions the awareness they deserve in our latest case study.

Case Study


Halloween is for the kids, and as kids at heart the Kicks crew loves us some costumes and free candy. Here are some of our Halloween highlights throughout the years.

Matt — I’ve never been a big costume guy, but I appreciate the effort some other people make. The craftsmanship down in Bloomington when I was at IU was unbelievable. Kids that probably should have been in class and not at Goodwill piecing together the perfect ensemble. 

Josh — When I was a handsome baby boy, I wanted to go as a football player and go out with the neighborhood kids trick-or-treating. My mom gave me shoulder pads from her old 80s jackets and put makeup on my face. At the time, I thought everyone knew and it would be lame. I cried. I didn’t go out. I now hate halloween. 

Chris — Back in college I made a 3D Pac-Man costume and had my friends wear shirts of the ghosts. I chased them through unsuspecting classrooms and around campus for a couple hours. 

Summer — In high school I had a momentary obsession with Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas (she’s so relatable, what of it??) and I sewed an entire patchwork dress for Halloween and did my own stitched mouth makeup. It was a whole vibe.

Kickin’ It Around Indy

Cuuuuuuuuuuute — This month the zoo is anticipating the birth of a baby elephant! There’s some portmanteau of “elephant” and “infant” we could use here, but we’ll let you do the heavy lifting.

My spider sense is tingling, Oct 3 — If you like spiders and men, then you’ll love Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with live musicians at Clowes Hall. Grab your tickets right here. 

Heartland Intl. Film Festival, Oct 5-15 — 300+ independent films across Indy’s artsiest venues. If you’re a movie buff, you’d be a philistine not to snag your tickets.

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