The Monthly Mullet, December 2023

Dec 8th, 2023

Super Complex Industry, Super Simple Website

You know those “do not remove under penalty of law” tags that are on pillows and beds and whatnot? Turns out the world of compliance for stuffed articles is serious business — and nobody is more serious about getting it right than Global Registration Services.

GRS is the undisputed king of compliance in their industry, but their website was undisputedly in need of some lovin’. Kicks streamlined their highly technical content into something much more digestible — and we gave it a much-needed makeover, too.

Check out our latest case study to see how Kicks put some OMG into GRS’s new website.

Case Study

Rockin’ Around the Kicksmas Tree

We beat the naughty child allegations, and we officially made Santa’s nice list. Here’s what we’re hoping to find under the Kicksmas tree this year.

Matt — I need a new outdoor grill. When I moved into my house a couple of years ago I didn’t have a grill and I just never ended up getting one. I have a small backyard that’s hard to get to so I want to get a smaller grill that can fit on my front porch without burning the house down.

Josh — My shopping habits and desire for instant gratification creates a problem for the Christmas season. What I want this year is a wonderful Christmas where people don’t overstay their welcome at my house. 

Chris — I think I’m ready for my first Kindle. Not because I read a ton, but because when I’m reading I get super cozy and the idea of reaching out from under my blanket to flip the page of a real book feels like the biggest challenge in the world.

Summer — Ya girl really needs to stop fooling around in the kitchen and finally get a Kitchenaid mixer. Why am I using baking as a replacement for arm day?? What a workout. I need a mixer pronto.

Kickin’ It Around Indy

Christkindlmarkt at The Athenaeum, through Dec 17 — Downtown is dressing up for the season, with The Athenaeum’s annual Christmas market. Eat, drink and be merry with tons of vendors and wintertime fun to be had.

Christkindlmarkt in Carmel, through Dec 24 — For the north-inclined, Carmel will once again hold their own Christmas market featuring seasonal food, drink, and tidings of comfort and joy.

Winterlights at Newfields, through Jan 8 — Oh, you like holiday lights? Then name every million and a half of them that will be strung around the garden behind Newfields. We’ll wait.

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