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Spying on Your Employees with Slack: A Modern Surveillance Adventure

Ah, Slack, that joyous digital playground where your employees collaborate, innovate, and occasionally share pictures of their cats wearing top hats. But who needs happy employees when you can have obedient drones, am I right? Welcome to the 21st-century corporate surveillance handbook, where we transform your friendly Slack workspace into an Orwellian paradise. It’s time... read more

What the heck is ChatGPT and why is everybody talking about it?

Apr 3rd, 2023

How do I fix a 404 error?

Apr 8th, 2022

To Build or Not to Build

Aug 7th, 2020

Spice Up Your Virtual Team Meetings

May 14th, 2020

Let’s Stay Together

Apr 23rd, 2020

TikTok Don’t Stop

Feb 6th, 2020
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