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When our long-time client Wasson Nursery came to us with a new side project, we were eager to toss on our gardening gloves. Indy Plants is an online storefront for quick, local delivery in the greater Indianapolis area. With a lean ecommerce site from Kicks, IndyPlants.com bloomed just in time for spring.



Fresh branding in bloom

First things first, every fun new venture needs a logo to match. Since Indy Plants offers simple, friendly delivery to Indy locals, our designers whipped up a logo using a simple, friendly typeface to match.

The logo is planted on the value proposition of “Local plants. Local delivery.” and uses a fresh green color to call out Indy as the locale. To tie the concept together, the “Y” in Indy became a plant stem with leaves. It’s a logo that’s instantly understandable at a glance, and shows you exactly the customer experience you can expect from Indy Plants.

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The right aesthetic for the modern website

Web design — it’s a lot like landscaping, but for websites. If it’s jam-packed with content, it can feel like a jungle that’s impossible to navigate. If the page looks barren, visitors will wonder if they’ve wandered into a digital dust bowl.

Our client’s vision for IndyPlants.com was to keep the home page easy to navigate, but with just enough content to help customers confidently choose the right plants for their yard. The simple user experience makes it push-button easy to find your new favorite flowers, trees and shrubs.

Stop and smell the web design

With alignment on brand, audience and U/X, Kicks set up Risers For You for a big leap forward.

Beautifully curated ecommerce

By partnering with dozens of local wholesalers, Indy Plants offers a huge inventory compared to what you’d find in a local garden shop. That’s a beautiful thing for plant lovers, but keeping track of all those plants in spreadsheets created a tangled mess for our client.

Once we pruned back the database, we built an intuitive filtering system so users can search for plants based on how much sun they need, watering schedules, hardiness, and more. From there, we set up a simple online payment system with automatic email notifications to let customers know when to expect their timely local delivery.

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“We’ve chosen to work with Kicks on multiple projects because of the communication, service and care that we’ve experienced from day one. The level of thought and creativity driving the process behind the scenes has always impressed us just as much as the final product.”

Bob Wasson, Owner

About Indy Plants

As an offshoot of Wasson Nursery, IndyPlants.com was grown from 45+ years of local, hands-in-the-dirt experience. They’ve cultivated long-standing relationships with trusted nurseries in the greater Indianapolis area who grow landscape-quality outdoor plants.

Whether it’s a new venture or a well-established business, Kicks has a green thumb for building lean, modern websites that earn clicks and sell product.

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