Web Design

Don’t Stand Still, Stand Out.

A good website design should do two things: promote your brand’s services and drive qualified leads to the top of the sales funnel or educate them through it. In a competitive digital market, it is important to stand out. We dare our clients to be digitally different. With custom Wordpress web design, we make every page strategically unique to fit your business needs and make it easy for you to create new pages. It sounds simple enough, but it all starts with a solid plan.

Discovery + Website Scope

Every project begins with a project scope. We have to know what to build and why we’re building it. Here we will identify or review your brand persona, review on-site analytics, gather competitive research, and gain client and internal stakeholder feedback. Leveraging this collective information, we put together a foundational plan covering brand voice, aesthetic, site structure, functionality, and ongoing digital marketing objectives.

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Content Generation + Design

User experience is just as valuable as the copy on your website, but one cannot succeed without the other. Whether we are repurposing your current website content or generating new and user-relevant copy, we leverage keyword strategy and brand voice to help you create authentic content without sacrificing SEO performance. During the design process, our team tests page layout and website flow to ensure your potential customers can find information and connect with you without getting lost.

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Coding + Web Development

With copy and design in place, we work through the technical stages of your new website. Based on your project scope, we will determine what functionality and features will be present on your website. Using our custom Wordpress platform we build a quality, technically sound website that represents your brand while reinforcing SEO best practices—because a strong backend is the backbone of a successful site.

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Web Hosting + Support

We partner with our clients to help cover all their bases. When your website launches, we provide you with training materials to make sure you’re able to use your website seamlessly and make edits as you change and grow, but we are always here for support. Think you might need extra help? Not sure if you have the time to keep up with edits? Don’t worry; we offer a range of hosting and maintenance packages, ensuring your website needs are met promptly.

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