8 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Marketing Tools

Sep 12th, 2018 Marketing, Technology

If you Google “marketing tools” the number of search results is overwhelming. From companies that can help to products that can do, the results are endless. So, when you find a good marketing tool, it makes sense to stick with it right? But, as your company grows so do your needs. Be on the lookout for any of these signs that it might be time to upgrade your current marketing 'toolbox'.

1. You're failing to push out content

Automating aspects of your marketing is a must for any lean business. If you do not have time to focus all aspects of your business, you need to invest money into automating parts that make sense. Scheduling social media posts, blogs, and emails can help alleviate the pressure of pushing content out. The more time you spend thinking about how you can, you could be executing content to be scheduled.

2. You don't know your analytics

When you started your business, you set a business plan in place, or so we hope. You likely included language about your target demographic. But, are you reaching that demographic? If you don't look at your analytics you may never know. Google Analytics is a great marketing tool to help you understand how users are interacting with your site. You can see in-depth metrics like:

  • Referral path
  • Website flow
  • Geo-location
  • Age and gender
  • Interests
  • And more...

If you don't have time to sift through the awesome power of Google Analytics, enlist the help of a marketing company or platform to provide you with the need to knows and potential opportunities you are overlooking.

3. You’re forgetting projects and deadlines

Missing a deadline or overlooking tasks is a key sign of a poorly managed company and can lead to attrition on attrition on attrition. Lucky for you, there is no shortage of task-management systems that hold you and yourself accountable. Rather than remind X that they do Y for Z date, put it in a task. Just because you mentioned it to them doesn't mean you are off the hook. Elevate your team's ability to crush tasks and you might find you've opened time for better marketing initiatives.

4. No one is engaging with you

Just because you've added a message on a social media channel, doesn't mean it will yield a positive return. Every channel is unique and so should your message. However, it takes time to understand how users interact with which channel. For example, Facebook is a great spot for conversations, where Instagram is very visual. Find out where your audience is more likely to be and tune your message to that channel.

5. Beat it if you can't brand it

Being able to brand a platform is very much a nice part of the user experience. Take Shopify for example. You visit a website, shop around, check out and likely never noticed that you were on a Shopify site. That is because Shopify offers users the ability to fully brand their platform. Marketing tools offer the same capability (most of the time) but at a higher cost. If you are using a third-party, client-facing platform, check to see if they offer a branded option. This will make you look more professional. If not, find a new date.

6. You can't update landing pages

Why waste marketing dollars on a campaign that lands users on the same page the could have found on organic search? Best practice would dictate that a landing page is a great way to improve your quality score, netting a smaller cost-per-click, while feeding the user important data on the topic, service, or product that you are advertising. Pick a platform that allows your to copy landing pages or generate new ones with ease. If not, just toss your money into the closest trash can to complete physical metaphor.

7. You’re using too many products

Marketing tools are great, but too many marketing tools can be a turn-off. Especially when the password to each is an alpha-numeric nightmare, right Matt? If you are piecing portions of your marketing out to different platforms, research new options to see if there is a way to marrying two-to-three. Take Hubspot for example, though we used it (it's not for us), it's a massive CRM with interesting marketing functions. You can log customer data and interactions, sending targeted email campaigns, schedule social media messages, make landing pages, and see your results under one roof. Spoiler alert: there is a learning curve and goes unused if you aren't willing to learn. But, this is just an example to show you the unicorns are out there, you just need to find them.

8. You aren't supported

Yes, technology will fail you at some point in your life. No, it's not personal, it just doesn't take into account your feelings (queue Elon Musk pitch of the fatalistic outlook on AI). If you can't locate, connect, and receive support for the tools you are paying for, what is the point in keeping that relationship? If the marketing tools you are buying are being sold under the premise of making your life more efficient, make sure they are held accountable.

No marketing product is perfect. But if one or more of these 'signs' rings true for what you’re currently working with, it’s probably time to say goodbye and find a better fit.

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