5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your Website on Google

Jun 5th, 2018 SEO

When you Google your business, what page are you on? Studies show that a top result on searches get 33% of all traffic with the fifth-ranking result on the same page getting just 6%. High search ranking gives the website more views, increases business authenticity, creates a positive brand image, and in the long run, may reduce some advertising costs. Either way, it’s clear that it’s not enough for your page just to be indexed. There could be many reasons why your latest webpage isn’t high ranking in search results.

1. Your Google Listing Needs Updating

Google My Business profiles connect mobile and local searches. Without one, you’re missing out on the people searching for your business by location, an essential in the age of digital marketing. Google listings will also combine your information and location to boost your website search rankings. The profiles take into consideration relevance, distance, and prominence when being searched. Mobile internet traffic accounts for over 50% of usage, and a properly set up google listing account can significantly increase traffic to your new site. Not to mention, it’s free.

2. Your Website is Young

Old websites will likely rank higher than new websites on searches. Google tends to devalue websites for the first couple months after they are created, it’s nothing personal. In SEO, website age is just one of many factors, and by no means the biggest factor. Hang in there are do the other things right until your webpage has time to mature, it should only take a few months before you can hang with old domains.

3. Your Website Content isn’t Keyword Rich

A search engine's job is to determine the most valuable websites from the information being searched. Poor word choice and minimal optimization in your website design can prevent it from reaching its potential when it comes to rankings. Identify and embed keywords, links, website index tags, and more to increase your rankings on a search engine results page.

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4. Keyword Market

Identifying keywords is often times not sufficient. Be specific enough to have low competition but general enough to describe all of your services. For example, using a broad keyword like pizza on your website will have high competition and thousands of searches daily just in Indianapolis. Try using “flatbread” or “deep-dish.”

5. Index Tags

Index tags are just another element that goes into SEO. Index tags, or meta tags, are labels that can be added to the coding of your new website. The tags help search engines determine what information is useful for the person searching and can help boost your website to a higher ranking.

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It is important to remember that none of these things alone will make your website #1 on Google searches overnight, maybe ever. It is safe to say that if done effectively, these methods combined can boost your new and improved site to competing with the big guys.

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