Branding Is the Heartbeat of Your Organization.

Branding is all-encompassing. It's equal parts art and science, equal parts aesthetic and messaging. Everywhere you look, every touchpoint you have internally and externally should support your brand. A brand isn't just a logo. It's who you are, who you plan to be, and it communicates who you help and how you help them. A brand is as much about your organization's innate behavior as it is a market distinction, and they don't happen by accident. They get crafted through thoughtful collaboration.

Brand Research

How do you know where you're going unless you understand where you've been? With an in-depth analysis of your current brand position, we ask tough questions, some you may have never considered. Our process requires inputs and views from all perspectives and sources to find out:

  • How you perceive yourself and present your brand
  • How others view your organization and overall brand
  • What your competition provides and lacks
  • If your competitors are who you think they are
  • What your customers actually need
We combine the intangible anecdotes and fact-based data to illustrate the picture of what truly defines your organization.

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Branding is not merely a 'marketing issue,' it's an organizational cornerstone. We don't pretend to know your businesses as intimately as you do, after all, it’s your business, but we do know a thing or two about branding. Together, we’ll mesh minds to build a brand plan that’s tailored to your business. How? We leverage your institutional knowledge and pair it with data to help you make decisions with:

  • Internal and external stakeholders’ interviews
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand exercises, including on-site roundtables, independent worksheets

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Brand Persona

Identifying your brand archetype is essential because it helps people categorize you in their minds. If you understand who you are and you communicate that effectively—without confusion or contradiction—you improve your likeliness to be remembered. Perception is reality, and once you can understand who you are and how people see you, you're now in a position to strategize accordingly. Now, it's time to build a visual brand.

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Logo Design + Brand Guidelines

Maybe you are just looking to update your current logo. That's fine. Or, perhaps you want to start fresh. Either way, with strong direction from your brand research, we work with our designers to develop a logo that represents your brand. From font and color selection to iconography, we provide multiple concepts that evolve to achieve the ultimate goal: a logo you are proud to put your company's name behind.

Once we establish your brand, we provide you with a brand guide to help maintain quality control. Each brand guide includes a description of the brand archetype, traits, tone of voice, positioning statements, key messages, logo usage, color specifications, font preferences, as well as imagery and content guidelines for web, print, and social platforms. Useful brand guides cover a lot of ground and will continue to evolve.

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