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"You guys are so good! You NAILED it!"
Sarah Lacey, Founder of Linking Indy Women

Linking Indy Women

We balanced professionalism with conversational messaging to craft content that reinforced HDR's dedication to their services, as well as their focus on human connection.

HRD Advisory Group

"The brand archetype guidelines are absolutely spot on. You guys got who we are and articulated it better than we ever could."
Todd Hacker, CEO

CBMC Lighting Solutions

"On behalf of myself and the rest of the EngagedMD team, I want to thank you (the KDM team) for all of your hard work, patience, and dedication throughout this project. This website is a massive step forward for the company as a whole."
Mike Wezner, Co-CEO


"We’re absolutely loving it. The team is great, produces fantastic work, and we couldn’t be happier."
Chris Handberg, Executive Director

Indy Pride

We know how to take digital strategies from auto-pilot chaos to interactive success through active monitoring, management, and maintenance based on performance. That's how you land real results.
Hoosier Hauler

Hoosier Hauler

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