Social Media Marketing

Social Media Excellence Yields Results.

As organizations promoting products, services, education, or basic brand awareness, you’re required to go where the people go. Meet people where they are. (We know just the place.)

People are actively and passively tapping into social platforms personally and professionally. A cohesive social media strategy is a quintessential element for most marketing mixes. Before taking off without aim, a social content strategy is imperative if you want to see your efforts pay off.

Establish Intent + Platform Selection

Successful social strategies have this in common:

  • Defined audiences
  • Content direction
  • Consistent messaging
  • And, iterate tactics according to performance metrics
Every organization wants to establish a qualified and engaged following, but it’s not easy to stand out in a digital crowd. As a social media participant (in any platform) you have to be an active participant and positively contribute to the social community you’re seeking. Be prepared to work at it. While it may not make sense for every organization to actively occupy every social media channel, it’s important for the organization to properly claim and create social profiles that naturally fit. It gives you flexibility for the future and helps maintain control of your public perception. Next, you’ll want to hone in on the particular platforms that are most aligned with your objectives and your audience. The major players of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn each have their own attributes. We weigh the pros and cons of each platform with our clients so that we can make educated decisions around levels of effort and budget.

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Social Content Planning

Organizations that adhere to a content calendar are more likely to succeed. Organizations that resort to social posting or campaigning on the fly are less likely to execute at all, let alone execute well. We are sticklers for planning social media content because hard work pays off. Content calendars reinforce the alignment between the overarching organizational objectives and incremental tactical execution.

We collaborate with our clients to produce planned quarterly social content relative to their active social platforms. For example, if you’re going to participate on Instagram, you’ll need to commit to curating original imagery on a regular basis. If you’re going to build credibility as a subject matter expert on LinkedIn, be prepared to curate original long-form content. If you want to demonstrate your relevance on Facebook, get ready to start thought prompts and participate thereafter. As an outside agency, our role is to start the conversation on your behalf putting your best, branded foot forward—from there, it’s up to you to close the loop with the customers and prospects that engage with your social content.

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Social Ad Management

Investing in social ad management can exponentially increase your reach. Like any solid marketing plan, thoughtfully crafted ads pair art (creative imagery and messaging) with science (analytics). To improve, you have to have both elements working in tandem.

In social media, you have to spend money to make money. Despite the freedom to curate as much organic content as you want, nothing gets the job done better than the use of a paid ad. We work with clients to create engaging social media ads to capture followers’ attention and drive them to your profile. That’s where those scheduled posts come into play. Social ads help gain attention, helping expand your following.

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Social Reporting + Review

It’s important to us that our clients are able to access their data in real-time. While we have regularly scheduled 1:1 communication, we give clients the ability to access all their social data anytime. We use a customized dashboard that pulls social performance analytics as well as Google Analytics and Google Adwords, where applicable. It can be valuable to see a global representation of how each post and the individual campaign is performing. Data should tell you a story as well as provide direction for your next move.

Once data is cultivated, we use those numbers to create new campaigns, landing pages, or ideas that will continue to make you shine brighter than your competitors.

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